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Coming up on the final days of an amazing trip. Needless to say I have had a lot on my mind. Specifically on how far we have come as a company. I have been sharing my trip with client Patrick Peterson on social media, and have been bombarded with playful comments on how lucky I am, and how jealous people are of my job/life. Humbled by the comments. I tried to look back at what has brought me to this week. So after some thought,  I realized somethings and wanted to share them. It really goes way beyond the time I had the idea of starting my branding agency ESS. I was raised by a family of faith, but beyond our faith what set us apart from most was our affection towards those we interact with. We LOVE people. In every way possible (sometime crossing some personal boundaries <MOM haha>). From the beginning. to the end of our interactions. We learned at an early age to shine “This Little Light of Mine” on everyone who we come into contact with. I could tell millions of stories but I will spare you, since if you are reading this, you’ve probably already heard all of my stories. I will however tie it into this trip and how I got here. First, Patrick. For those who don’t know I have been working with Arizona Cardinals super star, Patrick Peterson since 2012. From the first meeting with Patrick (on a golf course of course), I made sure to he knew how passionate I was. Not only for the world of sports marketing and branding, but life. We were laughing and working on a brand plan together by hole number 3. (It would have been hole 2 but I had to feel him out for a second ha). That meeting on the course lead to the start of something very special. Though that day we came to terms that we would work together, there is no doubt in my mind that no matter whether he hired me that day or not, that we would have remained friends and golf partners. Light Shined. 4 years and a lot of hard work later and we are in Miami beach seeing our vision of the P2 brand come to fruition. Then there is my relationship with the powerhouse brand GoPro. My relationship with GoPro began in 2013 when a good friend took a position in their developing mass sports marketing position. Before I go into how we developed our relationship with GoPro, I want to share my thoughts on this world of branding.  My philosophy in branding is there has to be some ground work. No brand is built over night. No matter how great the brand is, there has to be a solid foundation. That is exactly what I preach to athletes and brands we work with today. What is your plan? Create a plan, stick to it, and in due time, watch the fruits of your labor flow in. My biggest issue with these large agencies that most of these athletes sign with due to their “resources” and “connections”, is the athletes do all the work on the field, court or course, and the agencies stand by with minimal ground work and hope/pray their client becomes marketable enough to one day have their interns broker deals for them and bring in some revenue. Most agencies waiting on calls to come to them. This is not how I am wired, nor how I run my business. A majority of our deals have come from relationships we have developed and maintained with very little return over severals years (if any return at all). No better for example of our philosophy is our relationship with GoPro. From day one the plan of attack for P2  was to showcase the dynamic person he was, on and off the field. What better way to show case that then through the eyes of a POV camera? So naturally I reached out to GoPro. Patrick and I set out to create some amazing content through his adventures off the field and asked for nothing in return from GoPro (other than the occasional camera and accessories 😉 ). We saw the value in the relationship and value of the brand affiliation. I do not know many agencies would have approved something that didn’t come with a instant ROI or fee for their client. But we had a bigger picture in mind (pun intended). Patrick trusted our plan. Three years later and tons of trips with a heavy backpack full of GoPro’s and accessories, we are on a 80 ft. yacht in Miami with GoPro’s team (no longer just Alex creeping around shooting at the Pro Bowl haha) shooting a full production, and being the first NFL athlete being shot in VR. Possibly a more official partnership coming soon (prayers up for this). I could tell multiple similar stories but I thought this related best to the current adventure we are on. Hope I didn’t ramble too much. Just wanted to get off my chest that though I do feel very luck and blessed to be where I am at today. A simple way of treating people was really the catalyst to these ridiculous photos I am posting on social media. Who knows what is next? We will see. For now, we will stay consistent and continue shinning the light on everyone we come into contact with and hopefully we will be blessed with some other clients who trust our vision and commit to the plan. R31C6189.jpgR31C6042


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