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Recently I stumbled across a story about the monumental success of the mobile application “Snap chat”. The momentum of the mobile application that offers a chance to be reckless with the things you share in between friends and strangers, without repercussions due to the applications features that erases all trace of your sent messages. This app even protects users from the recipients that try and be sneaky and screenshot your “Snap Chat” (which by the way if one of your friends does this should be quickly removed from your circle of friends). Then the story went further into detail on how the filthy rich people at Facebook recently put in a bid to buy out the app for 3 Billion dollars! Let me type that again, 3 Billion Dollars! I get excited and sick just typing it. To my surprise the story wasn’t about how these two twenty-something year old developers of the app immediately took the money and ran. Not even a mention about their recent purchase of an island (which is what I would do). The story was reasons why these developers turned down Facebook’s offer. There was explanations about a competing app that Facebook had recently launched and how buying Snap Chat would help Facebook gain a bigger piece of the market and Blah Blah Blah. My mind started to wonder into what these guys were thinking and why they did not sell. Then I realized this story had everything to do with what I have always preached, and is one of the reasons everyone, not just professional athletes needs to manage their personal brands in a manner that won’t come back to haunt them! That includes most importantly on and in the largest phenomenon since the Alex Guerrero Boise State Bobblehead (What? That’s what blogs are for right? Self promotion? LOL -> http://instagram.com/p/gtjCVAsKhG/), THE INTERWEB! You Google (Or Bing if you let those terrible commercial sway you into use their copycat service) “Careful what you post on social media”, and you can find pages among pages of horror stories. The majority featuring people in every walk of life that have been affected by something they posted on social media or public forum at a time in their life they felt like “Expressing Themselves”. Or lets be honest, had a friend who was the “inappropriate photo guy”. These stories ended relationships, jobs, potential jobs, and It brings me to what happened today, and why I think I know why the “Snap Chat” geniuses decided not to sell. I cannot mention any names, but today I was finishing up a deal with a client who had recently had a social media “Brain Fart”. For this client we had a sizable deal on the table from the Worldwide Leader in Sports (dah dah dah dah dah dah). After confirming with both sides that we wanted to move forward, I received a text message stating that my clients social media blunder was enough to scare away the producers from the verbally confirmed deal. We lost a deal, exposure, and a possible future relationship with a huge brand due to this ONE slip of the thumb. This scenario brings me back to the boys at “Snap Chat”. Whether we choose to believe or not, the horror stories on google and my personal story are the reason. I can’t say it is that main reason (cause I do understand the creepy side of snap chat and all the people out there that wanna send explicit photos), but it is a very important aspect. They understand the trend of posting is heading towards complete privacy. More and more people are going to be wanting to protect their brand and use another source of sharing that they can be assured will not harm their future. You will hear it over and over again from me, and the clients that choose to invest in ESS and our services, will understand that no post, picture, or rant, is worth throwing away all the hard work you have put into building their Brand. So USE CAUTION BEFORE PRESSING SEND! 



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