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I have had the pleasure of meeting some great people during my many journeys in life. From each one of those people I meet, I try my best to emulate and implement a part of their personalities into my life. This clip gives some insight into one of my good friends Daryn Colledge. His drive to achieve his goals is one of those attributes I have always respected, and tried to implement into my life. Daryn has had set goals since he was very young and has accomplished many of them. Not just any goals, most that include an extremely low success rate. Receiving full ride scholarship to a university, playing professional football,winning a super bowl, and now a becoming a pilot (Not to mention all while being a good husband and father of two beautiful girls, which is undoubtedly his greatest achievement). I had the privilege to fly with Daryn (yes in that same plane from the video, and we barely fit of course), and I got to see the amount of training (in very limited time) that Daryn had to go through to be able to achieve this goal. Once again raising my level of respect for the DC. Who knows what is next in line as far as goals for the big guy. But I know who I am betting on… 

Link to Arizona Cardinals Zoom -> http://www.azcardinals.com/videos-photos/videos/Zoom—Daryn-Colledge-Flying-High/fd57eaea-0eea-47ee-b676-d7880b0a1ba2?campaign=ari%3Afanshare%3Afacebook&fb_action_ids=10201633027620686&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%5B507652032676041%5D&action_type_map=%5B%22og.likes%22%5D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D




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